The Mash Up…

January 14, 2024


Liz at ArchiMash Is Back!!

At some point in time you subscribed to my newsletter at You may or may not remember me, because I’ve been absent for quite a while. But I’m here now. Let me explain…

I’m Liz, from ArchiMash. About 3 or 4 years ago I was tutoring architecture design studios, and often found myself saying the same things over and over again. I decided to write my answers down.

I started this website as a place to create content and resources for architecture students. You probably found me through an old article or video online.

But then work and life got in the way and I stopped. But I’m still teaching, and I realise there are still a lot of questions that get asked over and over. And a lot of things they just don’t have the time to teach you at university. And that I know a lot of the answers.

So I’m revamping and reinventing

If you’re struggling with your architecture journey or you just want to get better, easier and faster – then you’re in the right place

What Does That Mean?

If you like reading then you’ll hopefully enjoy what’s coming. If you don’t that’s fine – I’ve got videos planned!!

I teach during semesters in Australia, and have time in between. So moving forward, things won’t always be totally consistent – I’ll do my best!

My intention is to publish an article every week or two (maybe more). I aim to release the article and this newsletter on Saturdays or Sundays (in Australia), when you have a bit of down time to review it (let/s see how that goes!!) Then I’ll convert that article into a video over the following week or two.

This newsletter will be the first place you hear about everything new I create.

What’s In It For You?

Architecture is a big topic and a continuous learning journey – you’re unlikely to get to the end of it.

You cannot learn or know everything you need, especially in the early years. There’s too much of it and it can be confusing. The challenge is to know what to do when.

I intend to create content and resources that simplify complex concepts and ideas, and basically document everything I know about the study and practice of architecture.

That’s a lot of information!!

In every article or video I will deconstruct one big idea around architectural study, practice, design and documentation – and give you practical tips and insights to apply these ideas to your study, work and life.

We will explore design, communications, history and theory, documentation, construction, practice and study – and whatever else comes up from you!

I’m off to get some serious content started. I’ll be back to share it with you soon.

Until next time…

…Liz at ArchiMash

PS… My next newsletter and article will be coming out in the next week. Keep an eye out for it! Here’s a reminder of some of my past articles.

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