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Your Commitment + My Expertise = Better Architects And a Better World 

You And Me

You won’t get promises of the right answers and better grades from me.

You will get a promise that I will give you the best resources I know to help you understand architecture and how the pieces of design, documentation, creativity, practice and study go together.

I will do my best to consolidate what I know that’s important and will help you get to where you want to go.

There are no right answers, and I cannot guarantee your grades or outcomes if you follow my advice, or use my content. You’re the only one who can do the thinking, the work and get the results.

But I can help you.

My gift is to make complex subjects simple, see what is missing and identify what needs to come next. My gift is in seeing both the big picture AND the detail. I see how all the pieces fit together, and the implications for decisions.

My intention is to help steer you in the right direction for you to figure out YOUR next steps.

My intention is to empower you with the right resources, frameworks and strategies FOR YOU, to help you find purpose, meaning and passion in your work.

My intention is to provide you with information to help you on your architecture and design journey.

So you can be a better architect and make a better world.

When you work with me, you will have access to tools, information and resources to help you think, question, explore, understand and answer some of the big questions about architecture for yourself. Not tell you what the answers are.

I can be here when you are stuck, have questions and want to know more.

My Architectural Philosophies

Here’s some of the core philosophies that underpin my work.

01 | 

It All Starts With You

Your relationship with architecture, as with anything in life, starts and ends with you.

Only you can do the thinking and research that creates concepts, innovation and ideas.

Only you can find the joy and satisfaction in the process AND the outcomes you produce.

Only you can find the things about architecture and design that create passion, purpose and meaning in your work.

This work is about providing content, tools and resources to help provoke questions and inspiration in you. To help make your process of learning easier and faster, and ultimately better architecture and design in the world. I can give you the tools, you have to pick them up and use them.

02 | 

First Principles AND The Big Picture

For me, as both a student, graduate and new practitioner, architecture was confusing for years.

I had collected all these pieces of the puzzle that I was slowly trying to put together. Nowhere in my education had anyone really explained how the whole thing worked, why certain things mattered, and the implications of one decision on another.

There are finite elements and principles used in architecture, whether you are aware of them or not. There are definable ingredients and considerations consistent across all projects.

Architects use them consciously, unconsciously, successfully or unsuccessfully.

There are clear phases of the architectural process from concept and design development, to documentation, construction and contract administration. In study and practice you will often swap between them. It can take a long time to see the full process of a building from idea to completion - and understand the implications of decisions early on.

In practice, there are rules, regulations, standards and codes that must be complied with.

All of these things relate to one another and must be understood together, not in isolation.

Architecture is quantum, not linear. Everything connects. You have to know the rules to break the rules. Learn from first principles. Otherwise you are just pushing lines around on paper, guessing and shape making.

This work is about deconstructing big ideas around architectural study, practice, design and documentation into first principles, AND, explaining how these work together in a bigger context.

03 | 

Systems, Processes Frameworks And Templates

Every creative and design process has frameworks, templates and systems to guide creation. Art, painting and sculpture use principles of design to guide the placement and relationship of design elements. Writers follow frameworks, templates and conventions for different types of writing - novels, plays, scripts, poems.

The practice of architecture has a language and systems for communication, drawing and documentation, clear processes and record-keeping for the administration of contracts and the construction phase.

Many architectural designers resist systems or frameworks as restrictive and inhibiting creativity. They want to do it their way. They keep starting from scratch, reinventing the wheel, and floundering their way through.

When you delve into design processes, most people are considering and drawing from the same fundamental sources, but very few architects are refining this into more formal arrangements, especially in education. After teaching dozens of design studios and thousands of students, there are clear and obvious frameworks and templates that can successfully be applied to guide decisions and communication in any architectural project.

Systems, processes, templates and frameworks can underpin creativity, innovation, imagination and good design.

This work is about consolidating the best resources, references, systems, processes and tools across all phases of the architectural and building process. Including concept and design…

04 | 

Architecture As Experience

The end point of architecture is the creation of a place or space for human experience. (It is also a lot of other things, but they all tend to lead back to human relationship).

Without the interaction of human observer or maker to experience the ideas, design process or the outcome, architecture doesn’t exist. From this perspective, architecture is human-centric.

What makes experience is emotion. The elements of architecture come together in a unique combination to create a particular environment. The inhabitant perceives this environment through the senses, which transmute internally to create emotion, and a remembered experience.

Different emotions and experience are created in response to the qualities and characteristics of the external realm. The lightness or heaviness of materials, light, textures and composition create a lightness or heaviness in emotional response.

This work aims to help you consider the human experience in architecture and begin to create spaces and places that enhance human wellbeing, society and ultimately make a better world

You are in the right place....

My approach does not work for everyone. I am not for you if:

You are looking for a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to architecture and design (This is all about resources to support creativity and change, and doing it better).
You are waiting for someone else to provide all the answers (I can give you frameworks and resources. You have to do the thinking and the work).
You are not willing to look at yourself and take responsibility for your self and your work.
I work with people who want to be the best they can at what they do, who want to be a better architect and create a better world. Whatever that looks like for you…

You are in the right place if you are…

Passionate - There is something about architecture that draws you in and keeps you committed, even if you’re not sure what it is yet. (It’s not something you feel obligated to).
Open - To feedback, iterations and change.
Committed - To the process of constant learning and finding meaning and purpose in the work you do.
Focussed - On becoming the best version of yourself.
Responsible - You know that you create your results and are willing to do the work it will take.

Do my philosophies and way I work resonate with you? If yes, then let's discover more...

join me!!

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