Abstraction And Representation In Architectural Communication

Architecture is unlike most other creative disciplines. A writer starts to write words on a page that become a book or a play. A dancer moves their body to become the dance. An artist draws or paints what becomes the final piece of art.
But architects do not make architecture. Architects make a representation of architecture. So it is important to understand what this means…

The Ultimate Architectural Site Analysis Guide

Part of the success of any design process is the preliminary work, including a great site analysis. A site analysis is a research activity that looks at the existing conditions of a site as well as possible future conditions. It considers physical qualities and characteristics, patterns and activities, relationships, context, givens, assumptions, opportunities and constraints within the immediate site and broader context and surroundings.

Architecture Programme, Or What Goes Where

An architecture programme captures a building function in great detail. For some designers, the function of a building can be seen to restrict the creative process, innovation and aesthetics. The lack of attention to the functional requirements will assure those that use the building every day will see it as a failure in design. Architectural programme is therefore an essential consideration in every design project and process. Find out why…

What Is An Architecture Project Brief Or Design Brief

You are going to be given some form of an architectural project or design brief for all of your design projects. You might even receive a brief for any other project that includes a level of design in your construction, communication and possibly even history and theory classes.
But what is a project brief, why is it so important, and what exactly should you do with it?

What Goes In An Architecture Design Journal, Sketchbook Or Visual Diary

In most of your design studios, you are going to be asked to keep an architecture design journal, sketchbook or visual diary. Sometimes it may be part of your assessment to show your engagement, process and completion of the required work. Even if you’re not asked to keep a design journal it’s a really good habit to get into. So what is a design journal, how do you start, and what goes in it?

What Does An Architect Do Exactly?

Most people will say architects design buildings. This is true but a real architect will do so much more in the process of taking an idea to reality. Discover all the things an architect might do in their day here…


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