Architecture Programme, Or What Happens In Certain Spaces

An architecture programme captures a building function in great detail. Lack of attention to the functional requirements will assure users will see it as a design failure. Architectural programme is therefore an essential consideration in every design project and process. Find out why…

What Is An Architecture Project Brief Or Design Brief?

You are going to be given some form of an architectural project or design brief for all of your design projects.
But what is a project brief, how is a design brief different, why are they important, and what exactly should you do with them?

9 Tips To Be A More Productive Architecture Student

Is your architecture productivity lacking? Do you find yourself sitting down for hours on end and working your butt off but for some reason things take way longer than you think they should? Is your productivity not as good as you want to be or as other architecture students seem to be? When you start to understand and implement good architecture productivity habits, things are going to change.

How To Use An Architectural Scale Ruler (Metric)

When you start architecture school you will hear people talk about scale and scale rulers. Most of the time they will assume you know what this is and won’t tell you how to use an architectural scale ruler.
The thing is, it’s one of the most critical drawing tools you’re going to use.

Top 9 Architecture Design Factors For ALL Architecture Projects

Not sure what the main architecture design factors are in your new project? Overwhelmed by information and the brief and requirements and the client and precedents and diagrams and brainstorming and where to start? Learn how to approach an architecture design project, specifically answering the question: What do I need to consider in any architectural design?
Listen to the full episode to learn the top 9 considerations that apply to any and all architectural design projects.

What Goes In An Architecture Design Journal, Sketchbook Or Visual Diary

In most of your design studios, you are going to be asked to keep an architecture design journal, sketchbook or visual diary. Sometimes it may be part of your assessment to show your engagement, process and completion of the required work. Even if you’re not asked to keep a design journal it’s a really good habit to get into. So what is a design journal, how do you start, and what goes in it?

What Does An Architect Do Exactly?

Ask most people what does an architect do exactly and they will tell you… they design buildings. This is true to an extent, yes, but a real architect will do so much more in the process of taking an idea to reality. Discover all the things an architect might do in their day here…

What Is Architecture? What Makes Architecture, Architecture?

When you search the term “what is architecture?” you are inundated with definitions and abstract quotes about architecture being a language, a political statement, a collaborative process, an art form, a science, a reflection of culture. It can leave you confused. So let’s find out what architecture really is.


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