9 Tips To Be A More Productive Architecture Student

Is your architecture productivity lacking? Do you find yourself sitting down for hours on end and working your butt off but for some reason things take way longer than you think they should? Is your productivity not as good as you want to be or as other architecture students seem to be? When you start to understand and implement good architecture productivity habits, things are going to change.

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Article Image - The Ultimate Architectural Site Analysis Guide

The Ultimate Architectural Site Analysis Guide

Part of the success of any design process is the preliminary work, including a great site analysis. A site analysis is a research activity that looks at the existing conditions of a site as well as possible future conditions. It considers physical qualities and characteristics, patterns and activities, relationships, context, givens, assumptions, opportunities and constraints within the immediate site and broader context and surroundings.

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Top 9 Architecture Design Factors For ALL Architecture Projects

Not sure what the main architecture design factors are in your new project? Overwhelmed by information and the brief and requirements and the client and precedents and diagrams and brainstorming and where to start? Learn how to approach an architecture design project, specifically answering the question: What do I need to consider in any architectural design? Listen to the full episode to learn the top 9 considerations that apply to any and all architectural design projects.

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